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Posted: November 21, 2010 in michelin star restaurant

(1)This is not a commercial web site, but a personal blog with my reviews of restaurants.Therefore, I will write what I want, the way I want, at my own pace with due respect to my readers. Your comments will be posted only if they are relevant to the restaurants that are reviewed: your experience at those restaurants or related questions are welcomed. Anything that has nothing to do with the restaurants  that are reviewed will be ignored.
(2)My native language is French. I am doing a kind effort to publish my reviews in English to accomodate  English speaking readers as well. Both my French and English reviews will differ in the style of writing and some aside comments, but the essential (description of the meals) will remain the same: this is justified by the fact that
I do not want to simply translate my French reviews in English. To me, that will lack soul and personal pleasure.  I want to personally write both French and English reviews separately with the state of mind and inspiration that goes along. Only exceptions: my French texts will be sometimes translated into Japanese, Hindu, Arabic, Hebrew or any other foreign languages. For the latest, your help will be much  appreciated if you can help writing and translating  (from French or English) in any of those languages.
(3)Although I might sometimes criticize  the price of some meals, this blog is NOT about  the best value for our money.  I am mainly interested by the tastyness of the food, regardless of how pricey it costs.

PS: Still building up patiently a list of 3* that I want to visit. A first choice is already made and will be hopefully reviewed in a near future.


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