The coolest man on earth: Karl Lagerfeld

Posted: March 23, 2013 in michelin star restaurant

LEFTAll reviews of my Michelin star meals will be listed  on the left, from the higher to lower rated meals. But this blog, despite its name,  won’t focus anymore solely on my  restaurant reviews. It will, from now on, be the full expression of my own self with posts — in both my mother tongue (French) as well as in English – covering everything from my vision of the world, arts, cooking, literature, travel, etc. A  blog in its conventional definition, which means the expression of whatever I have on my mind and that I deem interesting to share.

Whenever I visit a new restaurant in Montreal, you will find that review linked in the summary of all my Montreal restaurant meals.

Some needs low life’s jokes a make a point about being  fun. But for me, the coolest are those who manage to stay away from the easy-ness  and still manage to be genuinely fun and Karl Lagerfeld is one of the few who manages to do just that: pulling off real fun humor, in sub·tle·ty  and class. What sets him apart? He plays with your mind, Rfaol! By far one of world’s most interesting characters.

Have fun:


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