11 Madison Park

Posted: May 29, 2013 in michelin star restaurant

eat like queen

besides being one of the cutest park in the city, madison square park is also holding 2 extraordinary eats. one being shake shack, a famous burger joint..another being an all stars, Eleven Madison Park.

a unique menu arrives, where you only choose the ingredients you want to eat. your future is then rest in the hands of the chefs how those ingredients will be cooked. i suggest to open up and let them know all the things you hate, so you don’t find on your plates..heard the duck was excellent, too bad didn’t find on the menu that day

an upstate ny wholewheat w. regular butter and goat milk butter..yumm!

during meal, came these complimentaries, such as these quail eggs, to keep us awake

came w. some apple tea i found too too sweet

love this egg foam that spelled cheese all over

kris’s (my sister) first choice has…

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