Educating the diner in ME, the reader in YOU – Part I

Posted: December 19, 2013 in michelin star restaurant
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I was, for a long time, against the idea of talking about food. With time, I did not mind “joining the crowd”, hence the current blog. But while we are at it, I found  useful to educate  myself to be a better diner. And share the experience with you. I once thought that most people understood the subjective nature of this whole thing. Alas, many do not get that part. In this first part of the ‘Educating the diner in ME, the reader in YOU” series , I’ll bring forward a good example of one realistic aspect of the restaurant world, the  example of the  favourite that could have stopped being a favourite, BUT should it (stop being a favourite)??? Using one of my favourite secret dining-out places in Montreal, the Keg steakhouse in the old Port of Montreal: for the past 4 years, the Keg steakhouse in the old Port of Montreal has been the only steakhouse that has never disappointed me, never. Never, till that evening of December 18th 2013. Up to   that evening of December 18th 2013, I used to go there twice a month, experiencing with the finest food and service any Montrealer restaurant could deliver to me. Such consistency was remarkable, a consistency that I have not even experienced at their  two other branches (in Laval and Place Ville Marie). But one day, it had to happen (restaurateurs think that we, food bloggers, wait for just that: the day it will fail. I can’t talk for others, but I have always  taken things the way they are: when it is great, I’ll rave, whenever it will disappoint, well, I’ll be disappointed, but I do not head to a place hoping that one day you’ll fail!..what SANE person spend his hard earned money on something he hopes will fail…C’MON!!!! ) and it happened on this December 18th 2013 evening. I sat at the bar, ordered my mid-rare rib eye steak as I’ve done so many times before, but this time was doomed to be dissimilar:  not one, not two, but 3 individuals of their waitstaff overlooked the fact that my steak came with no proper steak knife. For sure, in this time of difficulties and economic turmoil, this is like complaining with a belly that’s full, but in proper steakhouse standards, that is a big NO NO and NO. Coming from humble backgrounds, rest assured that such event is as pertinent to me as the report of a pigeon shitting on your car, lol. The real purpose of this post is to be found elsewhere: should a diner be offended by any minimal sign of dissatisfaction? I think NO! Should a restaurant be blamed because of random let downs? I believe that NO! That said, we need to tell the story the way it unfolds. You need to understand that even a favourite restaurant can have off days. If it finally happened to a place that I cherished for 4 years, then guess what: it is normal that it happens to any restaurants out there. I am not saying that we should encourage a compilation of off days, Lol. All I am saying is that ‘off days’, well…that is human! ;p


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