***René Redzepi’s restaurant, Noma, is moving to Japan  for 2 months in 2015 http://noma.dk/japan/

***The revenge of the Sriracha sauce…- The Sriracha sauce, that sauce we thought condemned to humble oriental eateries…well, guess what..it seems to be the new trendy ingredient at many  restaurants   in town …  omg, who would have predicted that one? Next, I hope that the piri piri enjoys such fame too, lol. Anyways,  it is not my type to overlook /under-estimate  anything so I am not too surprised by the the Sriracha’s  rise to fame

***The Cabane à sucre of Chef Martin Picard‘s team continues to be an exciting of its genre. Many Chefs are now mimicking Chef Picard’s initiative but  whatever this man does …simply stands head and shoulders above anyone else’s actions because he is not interested to act different for the sake of being different, he is just different for real and this transpires in the very inspired form that his initiatives take. Any country needs a Chef like Martin Picard!

***Kyo maintains the bar high in regards to quality isakaya by Montreal standards, a surprise for me given that they do not benefit from the incredible popularity that some other restaurants are enjoying. My last meal there (click here) was another successful performance and their Chef, Chef Ding, is clearly one of the few genuine talents of this city.

***Another visit at Gourmet Burger on Bishop street (in Montreal)  and the Burger is still as delicious as I remember it from last time. Clearly my favourite burger in town. It’s a bit pricier than the average burger you’ll find in town, it is NOT t going to decrown any of the finest burgers that our US neighbors are munching on,  but it is certainly a burger that Montreal can be proud of.  My review of that  first burger there can be found here.

***Went back to my favourite ramen-ya in Montreal, Ramen Misoya and … this time the performance was inferior to what I’ve experienced on the last 3 visits, the ramen simply less pronounced in flavor and the texture less remarkable. Despite the less than impressive bowl, they remain, in my opinion, Montreal’s best bowl of Japanese ramen.


***Brazilian Chef Helena Rizzo named World’s Best Female Chef for 2014 . Chef Rizzo used to be a model and architect. She is currently at the helm of restaurant Mani Manioca in Sao Paulo, a restaurant balancing  contemporary innovative Brazilian fares with a deep respect of its traditions.  http://www.manimanioca.com.br/index.html

***World star Chef/restaurateur  Alain Ducasse has published a book on his favourite food destinations in London, UK . See here.  Monaco, Paris and New York also have also been covered by Chef Ducasse in other books already available in stores.

***A book on wines is making the headlines these days,  revealing lots of gory details about the wine industryIsabelle’s Saporta Vino Business.  Clearly the most controversial book (about wine)  since a long time. Check that out.

***Chef Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmare  TV program is going to focus on UK Chefs around Europe. Click here, for more.

***Omnivore is a true revolutionary initiative  with fresh approaches/views on  the worldwide food /restaurant scene. Check out their latest publication.


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