Takara, Montreal

Posted: November 3, 2014 in michelin star restaurant
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Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 1455 Rue Peel, Montréal, QC H3A
Phone:(514) 849-9796

Takara is located in the luxurious shopping mall of Les Cours Mont Royal. The restaurant has an elegant dark-wooden interior decor, certainly upscale for a Japanese restaurant in Montreal.

My food:

Takara, Montreal - Miso soup

A bowl of Miso soup (in its light version) was well made, the dashi (stock) of good quality, the seasoning flawless and its taste great, one of the better  bowls of Miso I ever enjoyed in Montreal. 8/10 by Montreal standards (as ever, not to be compared with what’s done abroad BUT this was properly achieved. PS: Miso soup has the reputation to be easy to make, and it is indeed easy, but as with anything that is easy …it is easy to make a decent one…hard to make a great one and that one was as great as a bowl of miso soup gets in Montreal) –

Takara, Montreal - Sushi

Then an assortment of nigiris and makis. Unmemorable, I am afraid: the makis poorly conceived (lacking in craftsmanship, the rice crumbling easily ). The seafood was not bad, not great neither. This was part of their lunch special, so probably this would have fared way better in the evening or outside that special. 4/10

Takara, Montreal - Eel

Barbecued eel (Unagi) was decent with nothing to rave about, no quibble to raise neither, though still nicely meaty in consistency and fresh tasting (no fishy-ness at all), the glazing sauce having great color while avoiding cloying texture. I prefer bolder chargrill flavor with my unagi, and a glazing sauce with extra depth, but this was   not bad at all.  7/10 by Montreal standards

Conclusion: 6/10 as my personal overall impression of this lunch special (they had couple of lunch specials, at  less than $20 /  my lunch special + 1 beer did  cost me slightly less than $30). I  have heard that they are doing better than this outside of that lunch special. As for the score of this lunch, it’s really the quality of the Miso soup that I was having as well as proper preparation of that unagi that weighed in the balance, or else it would more accurately have been a 5/10 meal in my assessment.


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