MTL à TABLE – Great initiative but do the restaurateurs get the point?

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

The idea is to ‘democratize’ and make visible the local restaurant scene for a lapse of time within which food is a bit  less expensive than usual at the participating restaurants (for eg, 3 course meals at $39 in the case of the disappointing meal that I have just sampled).

You would think that most restaurateurs would be in their prime as this is an opportunity to promote their restaurants, but instead…..time after time, I am disappointed by the performance of most of the participating restaurants. This evening, again, as part of the MTL  à TABLE inititiative, a bistrot that is usually in  my top 3 of the finest local bistrots offered such a disapponting meal (overcook venison steak –steak de filet de cerf — topped by a laughable poorly pan-seared piece of foie gras)  that it would not even make my top 200 of this city on the back of what was on display.

I understand that the point is to make money, especially when there is such a sudden mass of diners at the doors, BUT when your performance has nothing to do with what you are usually capable of….who is kidding who ????


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