My preferred Italian bakeries in Montreal and surroundings

Posted: April 18, 2015 in italian, italian bakeries
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Even most of the  Italians I know  have hard time recommending the right local Italian bakeries. There’s also the fact that different generations of Italians have completely different appreciations of what I am looking for . A good example of that happened when I started doing a little search on one of my favourite Italian desserts, the zabaglione (I am fond of  most  of the classic Italian renditions of the sabayon)…well, forget it, lol…. virtually every single Italian I spoke to  seem to have never heard of it and I have talked to  folks of different  generations. Once they knew what it was, or recalled having enjoyed it a long time ago, the dessert was simply not enoughly hip for them to care about…which was actually the other major dilemma I had to face: many think of food as a trend. So,what’s too classic is not exciting, and so on. I think that when you really like food, you can’t trade in such terms. You like food or you do not.You do not like it because it’s hip and stop liking it when it’s not hip anymore, lol. Anyways, I love classic rich bold flavors and two bakeries in town did teleport me as close to Italy as a bakery in Montreal can: San Marco and Tillemont.


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