Finally tried a food truck in Montreal, My number 1 restaurant anywhere around the globe, the best Chef`s interview in a while

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PHOENIX 01Finally tried a food truck in Montreal.….it took me some time to try a food truck in Montreal, because they are limited by laws that simply can’t make Montreal food trucks worthy of attention…for eg, you cannot cook the food in the food truck, you can just reheat it and serve … so that fire/smoke does not pollute. Which is, obviously, superb as far as the ecology-friendly theme goes…but unexciting for the foodie expecting big bold fresh flavors. I tried Phoenix, which offers sandwichs in nan breads. Because our local laws do not allow it to cook its food on the premises, they have no other choice but to assemble their ingredients, reheat their meats. So guess what…my braised pork was as unexciting as reheated  braised pork can taste like, the meat consequently dry, so defeating the point of enjoying some nice meaty braised pork,   the nan bread .. a world away from the exciting nan bread you can find in Little India — the area around Par Ex — (there was just not enoughly crunch, not enoughly heat, not enoughly aroma in that nan bread ….  ). PHOENIX 02I can’t blame Phoenix for this…they are just trying as best as they can within the laughable restrictions that Montreal food trucks have to deal with .  I just wished…that most local food blogs …could start underlying such evidences  instead of foolishly raving  about fairy tales……………..

My number 1 restaurant anywhere around the globe ……….is Dal Pescatore. Never mind trying to challenge me,you have done it already with far more serious restaurant reviewers and failed and should know…by now… that food is a subjective matter. After spending some time enjoying the fancy flights of modern cooking as well as trying some of the major tables of the world, I came to the very simple conclusion that one’s number   1 table is that one that reaches out to who you are as a person. I am someone who believes that great cooking is not about style or trend, but about great mastery of classic cuisine. DP nailed it on that aspect. Then, I believe that appreciating food is not about having tons of excited clowns  talking loudly around you. DP is a quiet, classy restaurant, therefore fulfilling that requirement. Last but not least. the setting: I am fond of the  Italian countryside and that is exactly where DP is situated. For me, DP is world’s #1 table.

The best Chef`s interview in a while…has got to be the interview of Chef Thierry Marx on Atabula. Chef Marx is an atypical Chef, but to the contrary of those Chefs trying hard to be different….Chef Marx is genuinely different! Plenty of Chefs babble about finding their own styles, but here is a Chef who made it happen! This interview goes beyond the predictable  speeches on how important the ingredient should be … or how we should encourage our local farmers –which are themes that we have long embraced and need no reminder of.


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