Moxies, Montreal

Posted: April 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Moxies is a chain of  bar and grill . As much as I am partial to artisan Chef cooking (that personal touch of the cook cooking his own food will always remain the standard to beat in my opinion), as much as I have no problem at all with chains of restaurants. As long as it tastes fine to my palate, a chain restaurant will please me. Moxies food was quite tasty  (I ordered their  peppercorn sirloin with  peppercorn brandy butter sauce – the brandy butter sauce superbly executed —rich as it should but judiciously seasoned—, the sirloin cooked at requested doneness, which was medium rare in this instance. My dining companion went on with a faultless pizza — Rustic italian pizza |  grana padano, pulled short rib, caramelized  onions, prosciutto & pancetta– , as tasty as they come).

PROS: By Montreal standards, in the context of a chain restaurant, I think that Moxies offers a fautless bar and grill experience.

CONS: Sirloin steaks have rarely dazzled, for my taste. And it is their reigning steak.

Bottom like: 7/10 (Category: Grill and bar in Montreal) I liked Moxies as it succeeds where many failed- the ” cool-place-to-chill  with friends while munching on some tasty bites and good drinks” scene is prosperous in town, but few manage to offer both Moxies relax ambience as well as something that can appeal to the palate. My dining companion suggested that the  peppercorn sirloin is an overpriced and overrated affair and indeed,  steaks can easily fall in the category of the most overrated food items. But based on that delicious Pizza my dining companion was having, I trust that Moxies is one place that perfectly understands what appeals to nowadays palates (aging the meat of their steaks, adding “punch” to their pizza, etc) – enjoyable  festive   bites by chain restaurant standards. In the  category “Grill and bar” , Moxies clearly pertains to the top 3 in Montreal (NOT to br confused with my top 3 restaurants in Montreal) . Moxies   1207, boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Montréal, QC Phone:(514) 393-1207


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