This will be your average Joe’s anonymous dinner reports at 3* and 2* Michelin tables. A  Montrealer who is fascinated by travels and dinings. His last project (The top of Montreal and Eastern Canada upscale finest dinings at http://montrealfinesteatsbyaromes.wordpress.com/) completed, he now wants to share with you his visits at some of his favourite 3*  and 2* Michelin star finest tables. From the kitchen of my grandma to  years of solid  cooking background (traditional and modern French , African , Caribbean, Oriental),  with a long time passion for all things edible (I am also a long time militant pioneer of the ”’One home, One garden …let’s democratize agriculture’ ideal )  and drinkable (long time passion for wines ),  I decided to enjoy the finest dinings.  Whilst doing my searches on where to go dining,  I realized that  the task would be  painful:  between the public relationship web presence, network of  friendly advertisers,  bashing of competitors, non-anonymous reviewers … I decided to grab the bull by the horns.  The best way would be to discover those tables myself.  I am your next door Joe, paying for his own food, with his hard earned money, friend of  no one in the food industry. I believe in the voice of honesty because it is the only way we can move forward, NOT by faking! I’ll say things the way they are: when it is great/exceptional/out of this world,  I’ll say it! When it’s bad,  I’ll say it is bad! No need to take shortcuts here! No need of unecessary heavy scripts, neither. But reporting things the way they are:  anonymously (gone are the friends-eat-at–friends  disrespectful reviews where the diner is allowed privileges that the most won’t experience! What I’ll get is what you’ll get!),  with realistic opinions (Gone are the ”’I like this food because it was intellectual”” BS! All people want to know is how good the meal was!).  Restaurants won’t be revisited 3,4 times to avoid becoming familiar with the place’s staff.  Enjoy this independant voice on fine dinings! This is not about making friends:  I am here to share my experience in total honesty, not to please nor serve as advertising slogans for restaurateurs). I pay for my own meals and earn the right to judge what I am paying for with my hard earned money.