I am not a foodie

Posted: December 26, 2010 in michelin star restaurant

I have nothing against foodies. To the contrary, I find their enthusiasm to be heaven for the food industry.
No need of ads for the restaurants since the foodies are there to spread the word. And it is done freely.
Heaven for the restaurateurs, as I wrote!

But I do not really consider myself as a foodie. More appropriately one who has long practised cooking, farming,
fishing, hunting, intensive ingredient and product studying/tastings and who is a passionate gourmand.

The only reason I am food blogging  — as I’ve already explained in other posts — is because I love sharing
(for the sake of spreading knowledge) and because more and more serious independent / neutral voices need to
be raised for the real things to be known about the restaurant and food industry. It’s the only way this industry can
excel: with truth be told!

Truth means truth…NOT bashing, NOT trying to put people down for the sake of it.
BUT also NOT hesitating to say it is great or it is not where it should.

Basically, I just want to report things the way they are:
as an anonymous Joe, as you and I  will experience, as the most will.  Not as a guarantee of food enjoyment (remember, it is subjective),
but at least, not with the buzz and fla fla that some are trying to sell to us.

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